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There's a reason this is the favorite boat of the owners. In fact, there's a lot of reasons!  When you're looking for a boat to cruise around the lake with a few friends in maximum comfort, this is the one!  Between the power steering, extremely comfortable seating, a great sound system and a few other amenities, the "Walter G" delivers! 10 passengers (or 1,515 lbs). Sorry, no tube pulling.

Walter G
Clear Lake Adventure Rentals offers a wide selections of Pontoons.

10 Person

Walter G

1,515 lbs max

Starting at $315 for 2 hrs

The Dirty Dozen

This is the perfect boat for a family looking to enjoy a day on the lake and is great for tubing with smaller children. The boat holds 12 passengers.

Overview of Pontoon

12 Person

The Dirty Dozen is the perfect mid-sized boat for a stroll around the lake. Maximum seating capacity is 12 passengers (or 1,724 lbs).

1,724 lbs max

Starting at$315 for 2hrs   

Important Details

  • Fuel is included in the cost of your boat
  • We take the boat in and out of the water, you do NOT pull the boat with your vehicle
  • All individuals riding on a boat (including infants and children) count towards that boat's maximum capacity
  • The individual renting the boat AND the driver of the boat (if different) must come to the rental office for a safety meeting prior to picking up the boat at the dock
  • Tubes and Float Pads are rented separately
  • To make a reservation within the next 24 hours, you must call the office
  • Reservations made online (rather than in-person or by phone) will incur an additional booking convenience fee

Included: Fuel, life vest, delivery & pick up of the boat at the dock, all safety equipment and instruction at the dock upon request.

Excluded: Tube, float pad, sales tax & booking fee, a driver for the boat,  guaranteed perfect weather.

The best tube pulling boat ever! Our "Big Sally" boats are rigged with powerful 115 hp outboards that are more than ready for a day on the water.  Maximum seating is 16 passengers (or 1,940 lbs), but it's wonderful with less! 

Clear Lake Adventure Rentals offers a wide selections of Pontoons.
Big Sally Overview

16 Person

1,940 lbs max

Tube Friendly!

Big Sally

Starting at $375 for 2hrs

Looking for a smaller boat for watersports towables but with all the power?  Watersports Willy is for you! This one is our fastest tubing boat! Boat seats 11 passengers (or 1,527 lbs).


11 Person

Tube Friendly!

1,527 lbs max

Watersports Willy

Starting at $360 for 2hrs   

It may be smaller in size, but it's huge in value! WARNING: If the total weight of your party and gear exceeds 1,350 lbs, you need a bigger boat! 8 passengers. Sorry, no tube pulling.

Minnow Overview
Clear Lake Adventure Rentals offers a wide selections of Pontoons.

8 Person

1,350 lbs max

The Minnow

Starting at $250 for 2hrs

I Rented a Boat, What's Next?

Additional rental durations and times may be available. Please call the office if you are not finding what you are looking for.

(641) 357-3535

Looking for an unforgettable outing for your group? Look no further! Rent a pontoon on beautiful Clear Lake for a relaxing day in paradise. Our boats offer comfortable seats, shade canopies and bluetooth compatible speakers.

Best of all, the boat is waiting for you on the water!

Don't want to hassle with driving the boat yourself?

We can connect you with a captain!

Captains will be hired and compensated separate from Clear Lake Adventure Rentals

Boat Captain
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